Foster Parenting
June 19, 2021

11:00 am

As Social Workers, working tirelessly with the vulnerable population, have you ever wondered what life as a Foster Parent looks like? A good foster care home allows a child to grow into a healthy, confident, loved and supported adult. It gives a sense of meaning and personal fulfillment in life.
MASWO is proud to collaborate closely with Children’s Aid Society and facilitate a session on Foster Parenting.
This session is going to be co-facilitated by Mr. Anthony Thomas, member of the MASWO Advisory Council. He has 8 years of experience as a Foster Parent and will be sharing his learnings and personal experiences.
If you are someone or know someone who has always wondered about fostering a child, this is the perfect opportunity and platform for you to ask questions.
The session will cover questions like-
√ What/Who is a Foster Parent?
√ How can someone become a Foster Parent?
√ Compensations related to fostering
√ What is ‘Foster-to-Adoption’ in Canada?
√ Need for a supportive culturally specific foster families
The facilitators for this session are experienced in the field of Foster Parenting and will be bringing in insights and sharing real life experiences of what it really means to be a Foster Parent.