Broken dreams and hopes
We are completing two months of this new- normal life and hoping that we get back to our routines soon. Pandemic like COVID-19 impacts us on multiple layers and our emotional and mental well being would be one of the most impacted element.
From job changes to losing dear ones for ever, the pandemic have a catastrophic impact on us. During this time, it’s crucial to get familiarize with “tips and tricks “ to stay afloat, so that we come out from this era with more positivity!
Our Advisory Board Member Mr.Prasad Nair will be delivering a talk on Re-emerging out of this crisis. He will be talking about working on our broken dreams and hopes. Mr.Prasad is a Director at Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.
Welcome everyone !!
Sunday May 3rd April 2020
Time : 5pm-6pm
Session in Malayalam !

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