Coping with Covid impact
Covid-19 precautions are escalated all over Ontario and our day to day life has changed so much in a week. No schools & day care, working from home, symptoms and signs stoping us from showing up for work, groceries running out of stock, business closing down etc.
This lead us to a series of challenges around child care, income stability , transportation and distress. Considering these challenges will vary for people, depending on how long they have been in Canada, we are setting up a “ Line of Support” ; a list of people who can be reached out to know more information or for specific services like;
– Informal Counselling
– Addressing General distress
– Medical Service information
– Employee rights
– Social check-in
– Job search / EI/ Govt programs
How this work :
Please email us:
with a brief narration about your concerns or questions. The person for intake will contact you and then will be connected with an expert in that area for instant support.
We are socially distancing at this time but emotionally well connected and stronger, together we will overcome the current crisis!
NB: All the information will be confidential and in compliance with Privacy Policy.
Stay safe !

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